Class attribute.


Initial value of estimated parameters and current iterate. This is the numerical structure holding the information about the current estimated parameters in the class. The property can be indexed according to the model definition.


model = do_mpc.model.Model('continuous')
model.set_variable('_p','temperature', shape=(4,1))

# Initiate MHE with list of estimated parameters:
mhe = do_mpc.estimator.MHE(model, ['temperature'])

# Get or set current value of variable:
mhe.p_est0['temperature', 0] # 0th element of variable
mhe.p_est0['temperature']    # all elements of variable
mhe.p_est0['temperature', 0:2]    # 0th and 1st element

Usefull CasADi symbolic structure methods:

  • .shape
  • .keys()
  • .labels()

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