Class method., var_type, var_name, axis, **pltkwargs)

add_line is called during setting up the Graphics class. This is typically the last step of configuring do-mpc. Each call of Graphics.add_line() adds a line to the passed axis according to the variable type (_x, _u, _z, _tvp, _p, _aux) and its name (as defined in the do_mpc.model.Model). Furthermore, all valid matplotlib .plot arguments can be passed as optional keyword arguments, e.g.: linewidth, color, alpha.


Lines can also be configured after adding them with this method. Use the result_lines() and pred_lines() attributes for this purpose.

  • var_type (string) – Variable type to be plotted. Valid arguments are _x, _u, _z, _tvp, _p, _aux.
  • var_name (string) – Variable name. Must reference the names defined in the model for the given variable type.
  • axis (matplotlib.axes.Axes object.) – Axis object on which to plot the line(s).
  • pltkwargs (optional) – Valid matplotlib pyplot keyword arguments (e.g.: linewidth, color, alpha)
  • assertion – var_type argument must be a string
  • assertion – var_name argument must be a string
  • assertion – var_type argument must reference to the valid var_types of do-mpc models.
  • assertion – axis argument must be matplotlib axes object.

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