Class attribute.


Structure that holds the result line objects. Query this structure with power indices. The power indices must have the following order:

result_lines[var_type, var_name, i]


  • var_type refers to _x, _u, _z, _tvp, _p, _aux
  • var_name refers to the user-defined names in the do_mpc.model.Model
  • Index i is applicable if the selecte variable is vector valued.

Note that (e.g.) result_lines['_x'] will return all lines for all states and result_lines.full can be used to retrieve all line objects.

This property can be used to query and configure specific lines in the current graphic.


# Update properties for all lines:
for line_i in graphics.result_lines.full:

An extensive list of all line properties can be found here.

Parameters:powerind (tuple) – Tuple of indices (power indices) to obtain the desired line obects
Returns:List of line objects.
Return type:list

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