class do_mpc.sampling.samplingplanner.SamplingPlanner[source]

A class for generating sampling plans. These sampling plans will be executed by do_mpc.sampling.sampler.Sampler to generate data.

Configuration and sampling plan generation:

  1. Set variables which should be sampled with set_sampling_var().
  2. (Optional) Set further options of the SamplingPlanner with set_param()
  3. Generate the sampling plan with gen_sampling_plan().
  4. And / or: Add specific sampling case with add_sampling_case().
  5. Export the plan with all sampling cases with export()


SamplingPlanner.data_dir Set the save directory for the samplingplan.


SamplingPlanner.add_sampling_case Manually add sampling case with user-defined values.
SamplingPlanner.export Export SamplingPlan in pickle format.
SamplingPlanner.gen_sampling_plan Generate the sampling plan.
SamplingPlanner.set_param Set the parameters of the SamplingPlanner class.
SamplingPlanner.set_sampling_var Introduce new sampling variables to the SamplingPlanner.

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