Class method.

do_mpc.sampling.samplingplanner.SamplingPlanner.set_param(self, **kwargs)

Set the parameters of the SamplingPlanner class. Parameters must be passed as pairs of valid keywords and respective argument. For example:

sp.set_param(overwrite = True)

It is also possible and convenient to pass a dictionary with multiple parameters simultaneously as shown in the following example:

setup_dict = {
    'overwrite': True,
    'save_format': pickle,

This makes use of thy python “unpack” operator. See more details here.


set_param() can be called multiple times. Previously passed arguments are overwritten by successive calls.

The following parameters are available:

  • overwrite (bool) – Overwrites existing samplingplan under the same name, if set to True.
  • id_precision (string) – Padding for IDs of created samples. Defaults to 3. This means sample 20 will be denoted as 020.

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