save_results, result_name='results', result_path='./results/', overwrite=False)[source]

Exports the data objects from the do-mpc modules in save_list as a pickled file. Supply any, all or a selection of (as a list):

These objects can be used in post-processing to create graphics with the do_mpc.graphics_backend.

  • save_list (list) – List of the objects to be stored.
  • result_name (string, optional) – Name of the result file, defaults to ‘result’.
  • result_path (string, optional) – Result path, defaults to ‘./results/’.
  • overwrite (bool, optional) – Option to overwrite existing results, defaults to False. Index will be appended if file already exists.
  • assertion – save_list must be a list.
  • assertion – result_name must be a string.
  • assertion – results_path must be a string.
  • assertion – overwrite must be boolean.
  • Exception – save_list contains object which is neither do_mpc simulator, optimizizer nor estimator.


Return type: