Graphics module to present the results of do-mpc. The module is independent of all other modules and can be used optionally. The module can also be used with pickled result files in post-processing for flexible and custom graphics.

The graphics module is based on Matplotlib and allows for fully customizable, publication ready graphics and animations.

The Graphics module is initialized with an or module and will showcase this data.

User defined graphics are configured prior to plotting results, e.g.:

mpc = do_mpc.controller.MPC(model)

# Initialize graphic:
graphics =

# Create figure with arbitrary Matplotlib method
fig, ax = plt.subplots(5, sharex=True)
# Configure plot (pass the previously obtained ax objects):
graphics.add_line(var_type='_x', var_name='C_a', axis=ax[0])
graphics.add_line(var_type='_x', var_name='C_b', axis=ax[0])
graphics.add_line(var_type='_x', var_name='T_R', axis=ax[1])
graphics.add_line(var_type='_x', var_name='T_K', axis=ax[1])
graphics.add_line(var_type='_aux', var_name='T_dif', axis=ax[2])
graphics.add_line(var_type='_u', var_name='Q_dot', axis=ax[3])
graphics.add_line(var_type='_u', var_name='F', axis=ax[4])
# Optional configuration of the plot(s) with matplotlib:
ax[0].set_ylabel('c [mol/l]')
ax[1].set_ylabel('Temperature [K]')
ax[2].set_ylabel('\Delta T [K]')
ax[3].set_ylabel('Q_heat [kW]')
ax[4].set_ylabel('Flow [l/h]')


After initializing the Graphics module, the Graphics.add_line() method is used to define which results are to be plotted on which existing axes object. The method created (empty) line objects for each plotted variable. The graphic is updated with the most recent data with Graphics.plot_results(). Furthermore, the module contains the Graphics.plot_predictions() method which is applicable only for, and can be used to show the predicted trajectories.


A high-level API for obtaining a configured Graphics module is the default_plot() function. Use this function and the obtained Graphics module in the developement process.

Animations can be setup with the follwing loop:

for k in range(50):
    u0 = mpc.make_step(x0)
    y_next = simulator.make_step(u0)
    x0 = estimator.make_step(y_next)

Parameters:data ( or – Data object from the do-mpc modules (simulator, estimator, controller)


Graphics.pred_lines Structure that holds the prediction line objects.
Graphics.result_lines Structure that holds the result line objects.


Graphics.add_line add_line is called during setting up the Graphics class.
Graphics.clear Clears all data from lines.
Graphics.plot_predictions Plots the predicted trajectories for the plot configuration.
Graphics.plot_results Plots the results stored in the data object.
Graphics.reset_axes Relimits and scales all axes.
Graphics.reset_prop_cycle Resets the property cycle for all axes which were passed with Graphics.add_line().

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