class do_mpc.optimizer.Optimizer[source]

The base clase for the optimization based state estimation (MHE) and predictive controller (MPC). This class establishes the jointly used attributes, methods and properties.


The Optimizer base class can not be used independently.


Optimizer.bounds Query and set bounds of the optimization variables.
Optimizer.nlp_cons Query and modify (symbolically) the NLP constraints.
Optimizer.nlp_cons_lb Query and modify the lower bounds of the nlp_cons.
Optimizer.nlp_cons_ub Query and modify the upper bounds of the nlp_cons.
Optimizer.nlp_obj Query and modify (symbolically) the NLP objective function.
Optimizer.scaling Query and set scaling of the optimization variables.


Optimizer.create_nlp Create the optimization problem.
Optimizer.get_tvp_template Obtain output template for set_tvp_fun().
Optimizer.prepare_nlp Prepare the optimization problem.
Optimizer.reset_history Reset the history of the optimizer.
Optimizer.set_nl_cons Introduce new constraint to the class.
Optimizer.set_tvp_fun Set function which returns time-varying parameters.
Optimizer.solve Solves the optmization problem.

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